How to care for COOK-PAL

Maintenance of your COOK-PAL cookware is unlike regular carbon steel where rust is a concern. With rust resistance a feature of COOK-PAL, it is easy to use and maintain. Review this guide to quickly know how to use and care for your COOK-PAL.


  • COOK-PAL must be seasoned before first use. Kindly follow the seasoning instructions.
  • Feel free to use metal tools as no coating is applied on the pan surface. However, be careful not to strike the surface with sharp objects.
  • This product is compatible with gas, electric, and induction tops.


  • For best results—before cooking, heat the pan to a high temperature and oil the entire surface. Then put the amount of oil to use for cooking.
  • Like all iron products, simmering acidic food like tomato sauce or fruit jam may strip iron off the pan and transfer to food. This may affect taste, but intake of iron is safe.


  • Hand wash while the pan is hot—no soap—with a scouring pad or brush. Dry immediately and thoroughly. Do not put in the dishwasher.
  • For stuck-on food, simmer water in the pan to a boil. Use a metal spatula to gently scrape the stuck food, or transfer the boiled water and pour small amounts on the pan while using a scouring pad or brush. For details on removing stains, consult the official COOK-PAL manual.
  • It is not necessary to oil the product after use.


  • It is normal for discoloration and light scratches to appear. This is a characteristic of nitriding applied to the product. It’s perfectly safe and does not affect performance and rust resistance.
  • When wiping, blackish iron particulates may transfer. This comes from polishing after nitriding treatment. It’s harmless, so do continue to use the product with confidence.