Moku Light Towel

Multipurpose lightweight Japanese towel

The World of Japanese Towels

Not all towels are created equal. Quality Japanese towels are known for their light, compact size and excellent water absorption. Towels in Japan date back to the use of public bath houses but since then, towel making has evolved from traditional Japanese designs to incorporate Western style ones. Most of the Japanese towels today are produced in the region of Imabari, Japan.

Kontex— nearly 100 years of quality towel making.

Moku Light Towel is designed by Kontex, a quality towel producer in the famous towel making region of Imabari, Ehime Prefecture. The company sources the most suitable materials—locally and abroad—to achieve the vision for their products. Attention to quality is well regarded, as they continue to use traditional looms to slowly weave delicate threads to produce high quality towels. Kontex is a company established in 1932, close to 100 years of quality towel making.


Pure lightweight at the core.

A 100% cotton towel that is exceptionally lightweight at 50 grams—half that of a standard towel and roughly the same as a medium size egg! Even with its generous size, Moku Light feels almost weightless on the body so you can freely move without the heavy feeling. You’ll appreciate the purity of this towel as no synthetic material is used to keep its weight down.

Made to breathe, to keep you going.

Moku Light is designed with a gauze fabric in front for a soft smooth feel and a terry pile at the back to absorb plenty of water. Fine count yarn is weaved using a special technique making this towel perfectly breathable. Because of its very thin profile, it can be easily wrung and it quickly dries in 1.5-2 hours so it will be ready again in no time.

More than your average towel.

Most Japanese medium size towels measure around 80cm in length, but Moku Light goes beyond adding an extra 20cm. With the 33x100cm size, you can wrap it comfortably around your body and securely hang it over your neck. Even with the extra fabric, you won’t feel the weight at all.

The towel you can reliably, conveniently take anywhere.

Use your Moku Light towel for any activity— sports, gym, camp, travel and even at home. Its light and compact size allow it to fit conveniently in almost any bag, while its excellent water absorption and drying ability make it very usable—and reusable—in many practical situations. It’s the towel you can take with you all the time.