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Moku Light Towel M

Moku Light Towel M

Lightweight multipurpose towel

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Moku Light Towel M is a multipurpose towel with lightness and breathability rolled into one compact body. It’s the ideal everyday towel weighing only 50g, so you can move about your activity without the heavy feeling.

It is generously sized at 33x100cm, with threads that are 1.5 times thinner than normal towels allowing it to dry quickly and be reused. You’ll be surprised by the thinness—it picks up more water compared to towels its size. Imabari towels are washed using soft river water from the region, ensuring a naturally soft and absorbent towel.

Moku Light Towel M is suitable for kitchen, sports, outdoor, and travel where lightness and breathability is a priority.


The Moku series by Kontex is highly regarded for its unique innovation. Using only natural fabrics like cotton and linen, this collection of items are exceptionally lightweight, breathable, and compact. They are inherently thin so these can be used and reused with only a brief dry period in between. Designed to be portable, they can be packed or stored easily without any fuss and you won’t feel its weight at all.


The towel industry of Japan lies at the heart of Imabari City in Ehime Prefecture. Kontex, established in 1934, is one of the leaders of quality towels in the region. They employ a meticulous and detailed process in making towels that set them apart—the company still use old looms that allow fine threads to be weaved delicately, impossible with newer machines; natural soft water is drawn from Soja and Nakayama rivers to wash fabrics that enhance water absorption. With decades of experience and a dedicated design team, these unique advantages makes Kontex towels one of the most pleasing and usable in the world.


▷ Measurement
Hand towel / 33 x 100cm
Weight / 50g

▷ Material / 100% cotton
▷ Origin / Imabari, Ehime Prefecture
▷ Producer / Kontex

Usage & Care

• Wash before use to set the color, improve absorbency, and reduce lint.
• Cut back on detergent and avoid bleach and fabric softener that leave residue on the towel.
• Wash with cold to warm water for to reduce stress on the fibers.
• Add one cup of distilled white vinegar to the wash periodically to thoroughly clean and prevent smells.
• When possible, wash your towels separately to avoid contamination and transfer of lint.
• Use bath towels up to three times before putting in the laundry. Wash cloths and hand towels must be washed more frequently.


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