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COOK-PAL Carbon Steel Deep Fry Pan

COOK-PAL Carbon Steel Deep Fry Pan

Premium rust resistant cookware

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A deep fry pan is very useful pan when you need more cooking capacity but cannot accommodate the size and weight of a wok. Save kitchen space and get more done.

COOK-PAL is a premium line of cookware that makes cooking with traditional carbon steel accessible to everyone. With nitriding technology, it solves the tedious task of seasoning iron based cookware—to prevent rust. The surface of the pan is heat blasted with nitrogen, oxidizing the surface for protection and creating a hardened case—as much as 5x over normal steel. The result is a pan that is more durable, rust resistant, and requires little maintenance—to season, simply heat the pan with oil for 5 minutes.

COOK-PAL is the ideal cookware for novices looking to step in the world of high heat cooking, while equally suitable for more experienced cooks who relish the performance of carbon steel less the tedious seasoning step.


• Made of high quality carbon steel
• Nitriding technology for superior rust resistance
• 5x durable hardened case surface
• Simple 5-minute seasoning step
• No coating to burn off
• Removable wooden handle for oven use
• Compatible with gas, electric, and induction tops


Yoshikawa Corporation is a company born after the devastating events of World War 2. In 1946, they began their journey as a supplier of stainless steel and other metals in Tsubame City, a region in Niigata Prefecture known for metal crafting. As Japan recovered from the effects of the war, a new opportunity opened in the region for manufacturing homewares. This allowed Yoshikawa to enter the retail industry, creating their own line of stainless kitchenware. After decades of experience, they have become experts and leaders in Tsubame, contributing to the preservation of metal crafts and uplifting the livelihood of locals there.


▷ Measurement
Dimension / 208 x 55mm
Weight / 585g
Thickness / 1.6mm

Dimension / 228 x 60mm
Weight / 700g
Thickness / 1.6mm

Dimension / 248 x 65mm
Weight / 865g
Thickness / 1.6mm

Dimension / 270 x 70mm
Weight / 965g
Thickness / 1.6mm

Dimension / 292 x 75mm
Weight / 1080g
Thickness / 1.6mm

▷ Material
Body / Carbon steel with nitriding
Handle / Natural wood

▷ Origin / Tsubame, Niigata Prefecture
▷ Producer / Yoshikawa

Usage & Care

• This pan should be seasoned with oil before first use.
• Fill 1/3 of the pan with neutral oil (canola, vegetable, etc.) on high heat for 5 minutes. Tilt the pan around so the oil will cover the entire surface. Transfer the excess oil then rub the pan—until dry—evenly inside and out with paper towel.
• For best results—before cooking, heat the pan to a high temperature and oil the entire surface. Then put the amount of oil to use for cooking.
• Hand wash while pan is hot—no soap—with a non-abrasive sponge or brush. Dry immediately and thoroughly.
• For stuck-on food, simmer water in the pan to a boil. Gently scrape using a spatula or transfer boiled water and pour small amounts on the pan while scrubbing. Then reapply oil seasoning step.
• Compatible with gas, electric, and induction tops.


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