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COOK-PAL Carbon Steel Fry Pan

COOK-PAL Carbon Steel Fry Pan

Tsubame City, Niigata Prefecture

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A durable, high performance fry pan for the serious cook. With COOK-PAL’s nitride heat treatment, you may never need another skillet.

COOK-PAL is made of carbon steel, a durable material frequently used by chefs for high heat cooking. This is designed using Japanese specifications. The thickness is just right allowing good heat retention and fast heat up but remains lightweight comparable to stainless. The wooden handle is comfortable and will allow for long period of cooking.

A key feature of COOK-PAL is nitride heat treatment- a process used in the manufacture of aircraft, bearings, and automotive components. Nitriding creates a hardened case over the metal (as much as 5x over normal steel) and oxidizes the surface for protection over rust. The result is a pan that is more durable and requires little maintenance.

Nitride heat treatment is not the same as anti-rust coating which peel over time. Feel free to use metal tools as the treatment penetrates the surface of the pan.

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Visayas / 10-12 days

Mindanao / 10-12 days


Body / Carbon steel with nitride heat treatment
Handle / Natural wood


16cm / 160 x 32mm / 400g / 1.6mm
18cm / 177 x 35mm / 460g / 1.6mm
20cm / 196 x 38mm / 560g / 1.6mm
22cm / 217 x 42mm / 655g / 1.6mm
24cm / 236 x 45mm / 780g / 1.6mm
26cm / 255 x 50mm / 900g / 1.6mm
28cm / 278 x 55mm / 1255g / 2.0mm

Product Care

• This pan should be seasoned with oil before first use.
• Fill 1/3 of the pan with neutral oil (canola, vegetable, etc.) on high heat for 5 minutes. Tilt the pan around so the oil will cover the entire surface. Transfer the excess oil then rub the pan—until dry—evenly inside and out with paper towel.
• For best results—before cooking, heat the pan to a high temperature and oil the entire surface. Then put the amount of oil to use for cooking.
• Hand wash while pan is hot—no soap—with a non-abrasive sponge or brush. Dry immediately and thoroughly—do not air dry.
• For stains or stuck-on food, simmer water in the pan to a boil. Transfer boiled water and pour small amounts on the pan while scrubbing. Then reapply oil seasoning step.
• Compatible with gas, electric, and induction tops.

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