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Go-gi Fiberline Iron Beijing Wok

Go-gi Fiberline Iron Beijing Wok

Tsubame City, Niigata Prefecture

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The Go-gi Fiberline series applies a processing technique that produces fiber-like texture on the surface of the pan. The fibers vary in height preventing food from sticking and burning. This wok comes with a fancy stainless lid.

This cookware is made of iron. Thus, it requires seasoning to prevent rust. With proper care, it can last many years.

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Inner surface / Fiberline processing
Body / Iron with silicone finish
Handle / Natural wood
Lid / Stainless steel, Knob / Phenol resin


33cm / 330 x 95mm / 1770g / 1.6mm

Product Care

• The pan is coated with food grade silicone for rust protection. The coating will peel gradually and the iron pan should be seasoned to prevent rust
Season by filling 1/3 of the pan with neutral oil (canola, vegetable, etc.) and heat for 5 minutes. Tilt the pan around so the oil will cover the entire surface. Transfer the excess oil and rub the pan evenly inside and out with paper towel
• Hand wash with water using sponge or brush. Dry immediately and thoroughly
• Apply a thin layer of neutral oil before storing
For stuck-on or burnt food, simmer water on the pan to a boil then scrub. Then reapply oil seasoning step
• Compatible with gas, electric, and induction tops

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