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Go-gi Fiberline Iron Sauté Pan

Go-gi Fiberline Iron Sauté Pan

Tsubame City, Niigata Prefecture

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The Go-gi Fiberline series applies a processing technique that produces fiber-like texture on the surface of the pan. The fibers vary in height preventing food from sticking and burning. This sauté pan is deep at 60mm and is square at the bottom, offering more cooking volume all around. It's a versatile pan that's suitable not only for stir-fry but also for shallow frying and braising ingredients.

This cookware is made of iron. Thus, it requires seasoning to prevent rust. With proper care, it can last many years.

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Inner surface / Fiberline processing
Body / Iron with silicone finish
Handle / Natural wood


28cm / 283 x 60mm / 1340g / 1.6mm

Product Care

• The pan is coated with food grade silicone for rust protection. The coating will peel gradually and the iron pan should be seasoned to prevent rust
Season by filling 1/3 of the pan with neutral oil (canola, vegetable, etc.) and heat for 5 minutes. Tilt the pan around so the oil will cover the entire surface. Transfer the excess oil and rub the pan evenly inside and out with paper towel
• Hand wash with water using sponge or brush. Dry immediately and thoroughly
• Apply a thin layer of neutral oil before storing
• For stuck-on or burnt food, simmer water on the pan to a boil then scrub. Then reapply oil seasoning step
• Compatible with gas, electric, and induction tops

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