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Go-gi Iron Deep Fry Pan

Go-gi Iron Deep Fry Pan

Tsubame City, Niigata Prefecture

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This Go-gi pan is characterized by a convex embossed inner surface. This unique pattern prevents food from sticking and burning because only a small area of the embossed plate comes in contact with food. The deep fry pan’s shape resembles that of a small wok, suitable for maximizing cooking capacity less the size and weight of a standard wok.

This cookware is made of iron. Thus, it requires seasoning to prevent rust. With proper care, it can last many years.



Yoshikawa Corporation is a company born after the devastating events of World War 2. In 1946, they began their journey as a supplier of stainless steel and other metals in Tsubame City, a region in Niigata Prefecture known for metal crafting. As Japan recovered from the effects of the war, a new opportunity opened in the region for manufacturing homewares. This allowed Yoshikawa to enter the retail industry, creating their own line of stainless kitchenware. After decades of experience, they have become experts and leaders in Tsubame, contributing to the preservation of metal crafts and uplifting the livelihood of locals there.


Body / Iron with clear lacquer finish
Handle / Natural wood


28cm / 442 x 277 x 80mm / 1015g / 1.2mm

Product Care

• The pan is coated with food grade lacquer for rust protection.
• The pan must be seasoned before use—refer to the manual for instructions.
• For best results—before cooking, heat the pan to a high temperature and oil the entire surface. Then put the amount of oil to use for cooking.
• Hand wash while pan is hot—no soap—with a non-abrasive sponge or brush. Dry immediately and thoroughly—do not air dry.
• Do not leave the pan soaked in water for an extended period.
• Compatible with gas, electric, and induction tops.

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