COOK-PAL Cookware

A collection of carbon steel cookware from Japan.

Carbon Steel— The Best of Two Worlds

Carbon steel is growing in popularity among professionals around the world because of the flexibility it allows in cooking. It brings the natural non-stick properties of cast iron as well as the heat responsiveness and fast cooking ability of stainless steel. It’s also becoming more common in households for its induction readiness. This discovery is paving a new way for carbon steel, which once was used for only cooking stir-fries.

Made in Japan

COOK-PAL is produced by Yoshikawa Group in Niigata Prefecture, one of the leading manufacturers of metals in Japan since 1952.

Carbon Steel Fused with Modern Technology

Enjoy all the benefits of cooking with carbon steel without the worry of rust. Nitriding—heat blasted with nitrogen—oxidizes the surface of the pan making it hard to rust. The treatment penetrates the surface so it’s not a coating that will peel. It is a proven process used in protecting metal parts in other industries and applied safely in our cookware.

More Durable Than Ever

The oxidized surface not only protects from rust, but also creates a hardened case over the pan. It is durable—as much as 5 times harder than normal steel so it will outlast many cookware. Use COOK-PAL freely and confidently, knowing it can withstand daily abuse in the kitchen.

More Cooking Less Upkeep

Spend more time cooking your favorite meals than maintenance. Pre-seasoning COOK-PAL is quick and easy, taking only 5-7 minutes compared to 20-30 minutes with a regular carbon steel pan. Re-seasoning after use is no longer a required step. We only advise to oil the surface well on a very hot pan before cooking.

A Pan That Can Do It All

Cook over any heat source with COOK-PAL —over stove top (including induction), in the oven (remove the wooden handle), grill, and even over an open flame.

Stir-fry, sauté, pan fry, sear, steam, and boil ingredients with our range of COOK-PAL models—the fry pan, deep fry pan, Beijing wok, and Canton wok.